The Educational Purchasing Cooperative of North Texas (EPCNT) became a reality in 2002. An effort by North Texas public school districts with a vision of cooperating together to improve their procurement power on like products and services.

EPCNT is a Purchasing Cooperative organized under Chapter 271.101 of the Texas Local Government Code, and Education Service Center, Region 11 is the fiscal agent for this cooperative. Members are entities that reside within the geographical boundaries of Region 10 and Region 11 as defined by the Texas Education Agency. All members must have executed the necessary Interlocal Agreement and must be current with their annual dues. While EPCNT is a Purchasing Cooperative, there is no agency that functions as the administrator for this cooperative. Instead, EPCNT is a "Contract Sharing" cooperative and not an administrative cooperative.

Each eligible contract used under the EPCNT umbrella is issued and awarded by one of its members. Inclusive language accepted and agreed to by each awarded vendor is what allows contracts to be shared within the legal bounds of this purchasing cooperative. Procurement law compliance is a component of each individual purchase contract and not with EPCNT itself since there is no administrative board, body, or agency that operates the EPCNT. To obtain compliance documentation, it will be necessary to contact the awarding district.




An annual fee of $100.00 shall be charged or assessed Members and other Participants for participation in this Agreement effective on September 1 of each year. Membership dues have been temporarily paused for the 2023 and 2024 calendar.


EPCNT is based on the authority contained in the Interlocal Cooperation Act, Texas Government Code Section 791 et seq. and in Subchapter F, of Chapter 271 of the Texas Local Government Code. The provisions of Chapter 791 of the Texas Government Code, and the provisions of Subchapter F, of Chapter 271 of the Texas Local Government Code, are incorporated in this Master Agreement and this Master Agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with those laws.



All district or cross-district contracts for the purchase of goods and services regardless of whether formed as a result of EPCNT activity or interaction shall be directly between the Members or Participants or combinations of the Parties and Vendors providing goods and services to the associated governmental entities.

The EPCNT in and of itself, shall not have any authority to make purchases of goods and services directly with vendors or contractually bind its Members or Participants to any third-party agreements (except for the Interlocal Participation Agreement described above) for the purchase of products and services.

Governing Law

The Master Agreement and all actions taken pursuant to this Master Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Texas respecting independent school districts. Members specifically elect to be governed by the laws regarding purchasing found in Chapter 44 of the Texas Education Code and Federal regulations found in 2 CFR 200 and Texas Department of Agriculture ARM Section 17 as amended as well as any other applicable statute or regulation. All actions of this alliance shall be governed by the laws of the State of Texas and venue for any litigation regarding this Agreement or the Parties hereto shall be in Tarrant County, Texas.